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Dear Sirs

Started by ajg3151

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    Hi my name is Andy and I’ve joined the forums as i could do with some help if at all possible, I am a memebr of an angling club and have been for the past 21 years and we as a club have allways leased our water of farmers like yourselves, well we lost our water a few years back as there was an access issue and we have been looking for a new stretch for the past 4 to 5 years, we did have stretch last year at Twyning but what we didnt know was that when all was agreed and we had paid the  money the guy was actually bankrupt so we lost our fishing and our money paid for that year, we are a very respectfull club and allways look after the stretches of water we rent, we had a stretch a few years back where the farmer would let us drive our kit to the pegs and return the cars to the gateway of the field which was superb, we even replaced the farmers old gate with a brand new one at our expense and time, we lost that land due to change of ownership so as you can tell we are not having much luck at the moment,

    I am appealing to any farmers who have any stretch of the severn or avon , even a lake if you have one, between gloucester and up to as far as ripple,bredon, etc within say 15 mile of cheltenham. that you may wish to rent out to contact me and maybe we can come to some aggreement, ideally we would like some acces for parking and to drop the kit off at the pegs (alot of our guys are retired and some dissabled) but we can talk about that at a later date.along with price

    all we want is somewhere to participate in our hobby and have a good partnership with our landlord

    my contact details are or 07794189978

    well tahnks for ready and i hope



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    Good day!
    My name is Artyom, I live in Ukraine.
    My dream is to create a farm for growing rabbits. Today, Ukraine is paid very little attention to agricultural development, although the country’s resources can produce a significant amount of agricultural products. I developed a business plan to establish a farm for the cultivation of ecologically pure meat rabbits. The planned production volume is small, but should ensure that money my family.
    But to solve this problem requires start-up capital. The banking system in Ukraine assumes interest on the loan not less than 19% p.a. With this price of money is simply impossible to start and grow own business.
    I have not other honest ways to get initial capital.
    Therefore, I appeal to those people for whom 2-3 USD are not a lot of money. If you can, put please a few dollars in the foundation and development of my business. Unfortunately, I can not promise you any profit from your investment. Under the existing tax law in Ukraine, agriculture does not give a large profit.
    But my family and I will be very grateful and thankful for the support.
    Numbers of my WebMoney wallets are:
    E110295705381 – for transfers in EUR
    Z263128355356 – for transfers in USD

    In advance thank you for your understanding and support.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)