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Farm 2000 Straw Wood Burner

Started by farmerbush

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     Farm 2000 Straw and Wood Burner

    For heating your home / workshop / shed

    Renewable Energy – No more expensive fuel bills

    A post here for anyone looking for a Farm 2000
    Big Bale burner. We have been using this burner to heat our very large
    bungalow (4000 sq ft) very cheaply and efficiently. This is a very large
    burner capable of taking large round bales (4ft round). For our
    bungalow we burned one bale of wheat straw a day which gave a plentiful
    supply of very hot water to our radiators and hot water cylinder. It has
    a 10,000 litre accumulator tank for storing the heated water before
    entering the house when required. This system is very flexible, as you
    have a constant supply of hot water, on demand when you need it. It
    enables you to control the house temperature instead of being too hot
    when the boiler is burning and then cooling off when it dies down. You
    can burn just to supply your hot water cylinder in the summer if you

    This Burner would be capable of heating very large sheds or workshops, or even drying grain.

    It could also heat a swimming pool, as well as your home.

    It will burn anything – household rubbish, wood, straw – Anything that will burn

    Having so much heat at your fingertips will mean you will no long worry
    about oil prices rising, and may decide to heat your garage and out
    buildings, just because you can.

    If you are at all confused or have any questions regarding whether this
    would suit your home / farm do not hesitate to call me on 077899772131
    and I will happily answer any questions.

    Please ring to arrange a viewing, the boiler is still operating at the
    monent so good chance to see it in action, it will be removed from
    property once buyer is found. We can load onto your vehicle for

    Many thanks, Andy


    old mcdonald

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    farmerbush, If it is so good will the new buyer not want to keep it?

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     Is it that cheap if you are burning a large bale of straw per day at say 15 per bale which works out to be 450 per month?



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     Hi there, It is a very cheap way of heating a home, if your a farmer with an enless supply of straw! No good buying it in as you have suggested.

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