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Fendt 310 LSA

Started by barndoor

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    Hello out there. Terrible weather we are having in Ireland at athe moment. I’ve just seen a 1994 Fendt 310 LSA with 7000hrs for sale for 12000 (10800) including vat. Dealer says that Its had an enging recondition in the last year worth 7000. Just wondering if it is worth going to look at. Also what should one look out for on these tractors. Do they give any problems?

    Any pointers would be appreciated.



    Alastair ReidAllyR

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            As far as I am aware Fendts are probably the Rolls Royce of tractors. That said, I would be asking “why has this tractor had a recon: at 7000hrs?” It should easily have gone 10000 hrs on normal use.

            PS. My brother in law has just arrived. He has been driving Fendts for years. (He has also been drinkng for years).  His first Fendt was a brand new 312; it was a first class tractor, and is still in the team. He is now on his fifth Fendt. The 312 has never had an overhaul. It has around 20000 hours on the clock of which half were spent operating a four metre power-harrow-combination drill.

             This tractor is one of four 312’s acquired at that time. All of which are in their mid teens; about 13000 to 15000 hrs without problems. They are all doing heavy pto work.

    PPS. He doesn’t drink much, really.

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    jd 6820jd 6820

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    My advice to you would be:

    1. Check for service history and previous owners/workload. If the service history is not present be careful!

    2. Ask is the dealer willing to stand by the tractor and supply a warranty.

    3. Make sure you go and have a look at the tractor and ask yourself. Does this machine look like it has done 7000hrs or more and does it look abused?

    If the answer is more than 7000hrs and abused, then I would ask myself is it worth the hassle. (No)

    Hope you find the tractor you are looking for [;)]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)