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Free range pasture broilers

Started by Pheasant cottage

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    Pheasant cottage

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    I have been thinking about a career change and going into rearing free ranging broilers on pasture!

    I have experience in rearing poultry for meat but would like to make it my main source of income!
    From getting them at day olds into my own brooder sheds and rearing them upto weight on wheat and grass,
    Is there anyone who can advise me on this, from suppliers to buyers so I can get a business plan together.

    I have done a lot of research, but need someone who knows about it on a bigger scale for advice!!


    old mcdonald

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    Your post reads as if you intend them to eat growing wheat and grass. I assume you know better, and that they need the proper feed from d.o. to slaughter. The first thing to do is find your market – always, and for any enterprise you propose. Then, when you have at least an approximate idea of the price you are going to receive, do your other costings. Frankly, I prefer the standard indoor reared broiler. One poster on here rears meat birds to a much greater age, and I have no doubt about his claims that they taste better, but these are not the normal range reared broiler breeds, and on a large scale year-round basis you would have to be 100% certain your prospective buyer will take them.

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    Andrew Hopeandy h

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    The broilers here at Laverstoke are the same as O.M. has indicated his contact is raising, slow growing birds raised as “free range/organic” they are fed ad lib and the accomodation consists of huts which are moved weekly, as there is no perimeter electric fence used here (I would recommend using one!) there are occasional fox losses which quickly wipe out any chance of profit.



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    If you are wanting figures and performance data then drop me a line as I hatch day old Hubbards, Ja787, Ja757, Coloryield, and Ross 308 for free range and organic producers, about 20,000 a week, and I’m in Lincs. Look up Poulet Anglais on Google.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)