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Started by drewdunnrespect

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    hiya Ladies and gent

    My Name is Drew Dunn and i am a 25 year old lad who currently works in a hotel but dreams of being a shepherd and having my own flock sheep.
    Now i appreciate its probably long hours but i am used to twelve to 16 hour shifts so that’s not a problem.
    I am also a keen outdoors man and am a mad bushcrafter aka some one who likes to live with nature but i am not a hippy of any sort
    now i am hard working and am loyal and honest. Now my main problem is i don’t have a clue were to start to get this dream of mine up and running
    because i would quite happily work for someone else and if i had to go back to college i would do but like i said i don’t know where to begin.
    Now that’s why i am joining this forum to hopefully get some advice on where to begin


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)