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John Deere Brakes

Started by 98dave98

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    I am looking for a second hand John deere 3040 /3050, but i understand that the brakes can break up and wreck the tractors transmission and hydraulics.

    Is it possible to tell if this is happening – ie noises etc before i buy?? how do i tell?

    Also was this problem rectified at any stage?

    It makes you wonder what fool invented oil cooled brakes and put them deep inside the transmission, still you know who pays when it goes wrong!

    Thanks for your advice.



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    Had a 3040, 3050, 3350 and a 3650 in the past and never had any problem with brakes or transmission, and the 3040 left the farm with12k on the clock. As far as I know the likes of the 6200’s were more prone to the brake linings breaking up

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    In theory if the brake discs brake up then the broken pieces should be caught in the hydraulics filter.
    Normally the brakes are in the rear axle so unless jd share the rear axle oil with the transmission or vise versa then it is virtually impossible for any disc fragments to get in the transmission.
    They are also in the oil to keep what would be dust if they were dry off the discs and therefore keeping them smoother an therefore the brake work better.



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    Hi i have two 6920’s brakes do brake up and go through everything and i mean everything tls, power quad,pump and diff they are sh~t

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)