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Matbro TR250 ITL transmission problem

Started by DennisFurberg

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    Im having trouble with my matbro TR250.

    The oil pressure warning light for the gearbox was lit and she was slipping alot in 3rd and 4th gear so i changed the oil and filter and cleaned
    the suction strainer in the gearbox. But when i refilled the oil and start her up i get zero oil flow and no pressure in
    the gearbox.

    I removed the oil pressure sender unit and there is just a very small amount of oil coming out of
    the hole where the sender was.

    I disconnected the oil cooler and tried blowing air through it and there is only little resistance so i dont think its clogged.

    The gearbox worked a few weeks ago but I didnt try it before i changed the oil so she had been sitting for 5-6 weeks without being driven.

    Any suggestions?


    A J C

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    first it sounds like the pump is worn and clutch pack seals are worn plus plates so due an over haul.

    whan you drained the oil etc the pump has air locked so what you need to do is either put and air line in the filler tube and slighty pressurise the gearbox while engine is running to blow the oil up to the pump and or remove the transmission filter and run till oil comes out of filter housing then re fit the filter. finally check the trans oil with the engine running.

    However all this will be in vane as it sounds like it is already knackered anyway.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)