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people and there dogs

Started by diesel

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    i have people,which i do not get on with, walking tthere dogs on my land not on leads near my game strips, am i in my right to tell them to keep off my land?

    regard andy



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    Of course you are entitled to tell them to clear off, unless they are on a public right of way. Tell them they are law breakers and ask if they have people walking through their own house and garden. When they tell you there wasn’t a sign saying “private” ask if there’s one on their front door.

     If the dogs bother you more than the people tell them about the dangerous slug pellets you just applied and the fox snares lining every hedge that may break their dogs neck. Tell them about the sheep coming into that field next week and how you’d hate to have to shoot their pets.

     I have people too and I don’t much like them either.

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    Farmer Dan 6465

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     Sometimes outsmarting them is better than having a go at them.  If you know who the people are, and where they live, then next time you see them out go and walk round their garden, making sure you are still there when they get back, and if you are tired relax on their patio chairs.

    Father did this to someone, and they got the message crystal clear, never set foot in that field again.



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    Find out where they work, take your dog there and let it crap in their workspace. See how they like it. Let it nibble their paperwork too.


    the cornish ba#t*rdthe cornish ba#t*rd

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     Dam right you can tell them to clear off! Unless they are on a public right of way then they are trespassing and if there is livestock in the field you are entitled to shoo their dogs if they are out of control and worrying stock. Our neighbour had to shoot his neighbours dog the other day. It was constantly in chasing ewes and lambs. He warned the owner several times, then spoke to the police about it and said he would have to shoot the dog if it carried on and they told him to do it… so he did!

     My father came accross a group of people walking 3 dogs off their leads through another neighbours field of ewes and lambs. He gave them a serious dressing down but they clearly had no idea what the problem was so he explained and, to be fair, they appologised. They were holiday makers and just seemed to have no concept that dogs could worry livestock.

    Remember that some people are just ignorant and need to be educated, others are just plain rude and think the rules don’t apply to them, but never be worried about confronting people and explaining a) your rights as a land owner and b) their limits as a memebr of the general public and c) your reasons for being pi#*ed off!



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    So what do you guys do about the hunt? I’ve banned them and to be fair the horses keep off, but the hounds do what they want and cause havoc.


    James Scottbovril

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    So what do you guys do about the hunt? I’ve banned them and to be fair the horses keep off, but the hounds do what they want and cause havoc.

    It’s the other way round here. The core hunt are superb, and the people controling the dogs are very good. It’s just some of the riders who come out with them who feel they have to live up to a ‘Ra-ra’ steroetype and gallop everywhere making out they own the place.
    If you ever get told that there is nothing that can be done about the hounds once they get a scent as they will follow it where-ever it goes, just try pointing a gun at some hounds and suddenly they can be called back into line!!



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    Of course you are Diesel, if its your land then you are perfectly within your right to stop people from coming onto it, unless as others have already said, there are public rights of way through it.

    I however take a different view & consider myself fortunate to live this lifestyle. In this day & age there is no way that I could afford the luxury of living as I do, if it wasn’t for taking over the family business, yes I work all hours but for me it provides a lifestyle that I wouldn’t change for the world. If I can share some of that pleasure with my local community then I’m happy to do so. Don’t get me wrong, I expect my privacy & don’t like that from being invaded around the house, but if people want to cut through the farm to walk there dogs then thats fine by me, providing that the dogs are kept under control in the vicinity of my animals.

    I’ve got a good repore with people in the two villages near us. I open the bottom field up for charity boot sales & the local model flying club use it on sundays normally, theres a bit of rough ground which the local boys use on a saturday only (to restrict noise) for moto X, god knows what they get up too down there, theyve got jumps & things. Local lads are also down there in the week with there airguns after the rabbits. We let a metal detecting society come in when we’re turning over the fields. We even allow up to 5 caravans or motorhomes to stay in the copse providing that they are completely self sufficient, we do make a small charge of 5 per night for this as I do spend a bit of time maintaining the area for them. But do you know what, I think its lovely that I can do this for people & allow them to enjoy some of the pleasures that I do.

    That said, I am having ongoing issues with the local hunt as I dont agree with hunting with hounds. In fact I dont allow any hunting on my land whatsoever with the use of either dogs or ferrets other than for shoot retrieval. We do allow falconry though which is a pleasure to watch & helps keep the birds away!


    Farmer Dan 6465

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    So what do you guys do about the hunt?


    Try to get them on our land, but none of the neighbours will have them, so we have a block of 70 acres which could be hunted, but they could not go outside these boundaries, so they don’t bother to hunt in our area – effectively we are landlocked.

    If they ever did want to come, we know the joint master quite well, so would just tell him where the animals are before they start.



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    reguardless of what your opinions on hunting are n its all very well not having the hounds on your land but when a cow breaks a leg etc on a sunday evening the huntsman wont hesitate to come n shoot it,



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    We have open access on the fell, don’t think its too much of a problem having loose dogs as most that go walking round us are fairly responsible people so dogs are quite well trained to behave. I think the actual law says the dog must be under control so it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be on a lead. We had one a few years back with a big bunch of ramblers, i was unloading till at the time (end of march/early april….lambing time) n jumped off the tractor to ask him to put it on a lead (which he did) then next thing another one of them was chasing me back to the tractor and I expected them to have a go at me but they actually thanked me for saying something as they didn’t like him walking with it off a lead! Needless to say my dad was looking round the sheep on the footpath further up the hill and it had been let off again so the warning of shooting it came out then. One bigger problem I would say is the possible worm burden from dogs that haven’t been wormed regularly.

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