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Pest control posts – the policy explained.

Started by Isabel Davies


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    Isabel DaviesIsabel Davies

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    In my role as forum caretaker, I just wanted to clarify our position on posts by people seeking land to shoot over. I am afraid that we have decided that these posts are not in the best interests of the board and so will be removed.

    The aim is not to be heavy-handed but to keep the forums a nice place to be and we do tend to get over-run with them. We did trial setting up a separate area to post messages but they were inevitably posted in the wrong area and so needed moving all the time anyway! Big Smile 

    I appreciate that people are often offering a free service that farmers may want to take up. As such I am happy to link across to the VerminShootingUK site which aims to link shooters with landowners.

    Any new messages that are posted along the same lines will be deleted. If you see a pest control message on the forums, please press the report button (some do slip through the net, but if I am alerted to them they will be removed).

    Alternatively, if you would like to take an advert out appealing for land to shoot over on Farmers Weekly Interactive please visit our Marketplace section.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)