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Powe against cost

Started by Greenoak2012

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    Hi guys

    Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice. I’m currently setting up a new project and need a tractor with 155hp at the pto. I’ve generally been steered towards JD as this is what I’ve been used to contracting on, the problem is I only have 35k to spend and don’t want to buy someone elses problems. What are your thoughts




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     What time of year do you need it? Could you hire one? That way if the new project doesnt succeed, you dont have to keep paying for said tractor. Also wont have to worry about breakdowns as they would be in the hire charge. And tyres. And all very tidy for the taxman.

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     I agree with Tesla, especially if your business is seasonal. Otherwise if buying an used tractor I’d go for a New Holland, Case or Deutz as they don’t hold their value quite as well as a JD MF or Fendt. 35k should get you something fairly new.

    As has been said on here many times, ask your mechanic as he’ll be the one who has to repair it.


    Phil Goodyear

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    Are you doing field work or static work?

    Driving it yourself or paying a driver?



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    I only have 35k to spend


    Only 35k “only” not a lot is it if you say it fast

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)