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Radio Control Model Aircraft Club – looking for flying site

Started by cubanflyer

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    We are a model aircraft club based in Soke on Trent, currently looking a new flying site. We currently have under 40 members and do not intend to allow to club to grow much bigger, on a good flying day we usually see about 15 modelers turning up to fly.

    We are after a site with the a 15-20 mile radius of Stoke, ideally it would need to a flat field, which we would need to be allowed to mow a small area for take off and landing.

    We are afficated to The BMFA (Britsh Model Flying Association) and all members carry public liability issurance.

    If you think you may have something that would be suitable, please contact me, I will than arrange to view the site and if suitable talk about fees.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)