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trading entitlement

Started by mrs mac

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    mrs mac

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    Having given up the tenancy on a farm and consolidated the entitlements onto the main holding these entitlements have ‘national reserve’ status and are not eligible for sale for 5 years.

    What would be the benefit of selling standard entitlements instead and matching our land and entitlements with a mix of national reserve and standard, if any?

    Should we perhaps consider renting alternative ground , ie hill, for the next few years until 5 year exclusion expires?

    Mrs Mac



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    It is probably worth renting some land if you can find some until the end of 2009 if there is significant top up and if you can find some land fairly cheaply.

    If the top up is small, you might consider losing this so the entitlement reverts to normal status and the restrictions no longer apply.


    Carl Atkin, Bidwells

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)