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What do you collect?

Started by racheljones

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    Do you collect anything?

    I just got an email about a farmer in Northamptonshire who has built up a collection of almost 500 model tractors (his wife must be delighted). It’s taken him 40 years and he reckons one of them is worth about 200.

    I haven’t collected anything since I was a kid, and even then it was only stickers, but are you mad on collecting anything – either farm-related or otherwise?



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    vintage farm machinery i collect.

    then i put it to work

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    Peter WellsPeter Wells

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    I collect bargains.

    Later, I find out that they are not.

    Mind you, to be fair to myself. On Saturday last, I bought a brand new, perfectly fitting Brook Tavener Sports Jacket from an antique shop in Malvern for 29. Yes. It was brand new. Pockets sewn up, spare buttons in a little plastic bag in the inner pocket. All labels still attached.

    A few minutes later I saw exactly the same jacket in Brays Department Store opposite the antique shop for 218.

    Now that’s a bargain!



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     I collect people. Family tree is my addiction. Got to get them all.



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    tesla, i am doing a farm tree, every one who has farmed this farm  in history.

    i am back to around 1800



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    My passion is Beswick cattle, I have a few now, the bull cow and calf of the following breeds – Hereford, Highland, Friesian, Ayrshire, Jersey and Guernsey. I would love the Dairy Shorthorns, but can’t afford them…yet!



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    i collect among other things britians models, mainly 70s n 80s stuff. i recon i must have about ten mf 595s n about 5 mf combines, mostly come from ebay n range in cost from about a quid to about 35 quid for a realy mint massey combine, still in the box!

    i also collect old massey impliments n litriture as well, basicly if its massey n over about 20 years old then im intrested



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    You can’t beat a good collection of die-cast farm machinery ..



    … Rita’s massey ferguson collection is particularly outstanding




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    I collect mainly combines and limited edition tractors

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)