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wheat harvest

Started by hammill

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    It is always gratifying for us humble simpletons in the north to hear about how the proper farmers in Suffolk are getting on. Thank you for nothing Mr Johann Tasker (see video on FW) . Yesterday saw us trying to  combine 5 different fields of wheat – none ready, moisture 18 to 23, bushel weights 60 to 67 and yields the worst for 30 years (50cwt+?). These are crops on land with 12 t/ha potential, grown with attention to detail (so we thought) and no expense spared. At the same time as we were attempting to start wheat harvest we were trying to drill next years OSR into seedbeds (!!!) more akin to a cloddy soup than the soil utopia so beloved of all the cultivation experts quoted in FW.

    Pissed off – and I haven’t even mentioned potatoes.

     mr hammill



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    iam with you hammill’,here in worcs it as rained every day for last week,ive managed to take the headlands off one 12ac field @23%moisture before the havens opened again.combine as left deep ruts all round headlands to boot .at this rate i wont finsh until new year and ill be drying till next looks poor in this part of the country until mid sept so alot of people are going to be in trouble

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    weather looks poor in this part of the country until mid sept


    This is supposed to be the dry week for us. Cut 20ac of wheat then spots of rain. Not to worry – weather forecast said maybe a spot or two then nice week until Sat night. Currently sat inside looking at double rainbows as the heavens opened. 


    so alot of people are going to be in trouble


    Yes. A lot. I enquired about cancelling autumn cereal seed today. Will do the same re nitrogen fertiliser tomorrow. Spring cropping a waste of time here, so if I manage to get any oats in the shed I will spread some on the stubbles and use as a green manure. I’m not spending all winter looking at poor crops and blackgrass, and letting stood water off saturated fields. 


    nick t

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    If it’s any consolation, things aren,t much better here in Wales. Haven.t had a completly dry day for the past 8 days- heavy dews and high humidity mean crops fail to dry even if it doesn’t rain. Took the headland off a 12 acre field of Gallant on Sunday evening out of pure frustration and spent a hour and a half digging it out of the combine tank yesterday! Just pulled the combine out twice tonight after combining some naked oats-and that was on dual wheels!!! No sign of any settled weather; yet another wet weekend forecast-Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)