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Would love to work with a woman farmer for 1 week

Started by ericabear1984

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    I’m writing a book about pig/vegetable farming and I’m a total city person, 23, originally from Chicago, finishing my MA (Political Economy of Russia), and now opening a climate change communications consultancy around London. But I’d really love to understand what a woman farmer deals with — what are your frustrations? Your joys? What are your daily errands?

    I’d love to stay at your house for around 1 week and help you out (willing to pay you, too) and learn about how, exactly, you go about being a pig farmer. I’d like to convey that to the British/International audience and be more long-term friends, too, if that’s possible?

    If you’ve got any wonderful women friends, do drop me an e-mail.

    Thanks very much, Erica



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    Any farmer in the UK has to deal with many aspects whilst practising his/her art – perhaps before you get too far with your book you should read and learn the content of the following websites – the list is not exhaustive :

    1. – read all directives and obey – the European Commission       governs our country

    2.  – read all publications, acts of parliament, etc as variously referred to

    3. – learn all chemicals, uses and properties

    4. – be a good greenie

    5. – claim your annual social welfare payment for the environment

    6. – keep the air soil and water in good condition

    7. -currently keen on chickens but can turn up for piglets health etc.

    8. – orgasmic farming

    For extra light reading, mainly good news, basic farming guidance – farmers weekly, also National Farmers Union, Country Landowners and Business Association, Tenant Farmers Assoc., Pig Assoc., Sheep Assoc., – these can be googled. 

    As you progress through the list you will find more avenues opening up and after several months you will be ready to visit a farm!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)