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    As far as i know you need trailer brakes fitted and in working order for any trailer to be taken onto the highway regardless of whether its for a tractor or car.

    Hope this helps.




    I am 17 and hold a full UK driving license. During the summer i was running grain from the field to the store. I dont hold a B+E entitlement but didnt think this would be a problem as i am driving a tractor and not a car?? The law seems very vague in this area and wondered if someone could shed some light on the scene?? also are there any weight limits until i get to 21 or width limits??




    When is this required??

    I have tractor driving experience and some experience with spuds.
    Is basic accomodation possible?






    But does the issue stand with just the bale spike scenario?? Nowadays more and more farmers are purchasing wide cultivating equipment that often folds for road transport bringing the working tines to the outer edge of the vehicle. I cant see the need for protection being much different. The need to protect one or two bale spikes on a loader with the need to protect more than that on a trailed piece of equipment.....the level of danger is just the same, if not greater.

    And when was the last time you were pulled over in a tractor or loader by the police or VOSA?? police arent educated enough to deal with the complexity of legislation that lies in this area - nor do i think they have the time to these days. and VOSA seem more interested in chasing illegal foreign lorries. 

    The operator needs to take it upon his/herself to make sure there vehicle is in a safe and legal state when travelling on the road. There are numerous solutions to this problem.......people just need to be bothered to do something about it. A little bit of respect and time from the general public when they meet a tractor on the road wouldn't go a miss either......





    On the subject of Media as a whole.............Agriculture is moving at such a fast pace at the moment I think England needs/deserves a national Farming radio station of some sort.........maybe even a regular programme on television (i don't think countryfile does the industry justice). Even with SKY..........few hundered channels; not one devoted to the industry. Everyone wonders how to get farming into the public eye and while farm visits/open days are all well and good they are time consuming and take alot of effort. Surely an hourly slot on television would do a bit more good in opening up the publics eye to the industry's present issues and current affairs??

    Any comments??


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)