Reg Huntley films The One Show

A farm sales rep who’s still working full-time at 96 has appeared on a primetime BBC show.

Reg Huntley, who works for Kent Wool Growers, appeared on BBC1’s The One Show yesterday (5 January), with the show highlighting his long, illustrious career as an example to the nation.

Reg, who still drives 250 miles a week supplying 300 customers with medical and agricultural supplies, extolled the virtues of hard work and keeping busy.

“The body,” he said, “is like a machine – if if goes in the garage and you don’t use it, it deteriorates.”

Having taken the role with the firm in 2012 at the age of 93, he still gets a “real buzz” out of getting a sale.

“If a farmer has a problem and you can help them with it, you get great satisfaction from it.”

He also told viewers: “You mustn’t be a liability on the country or the people around you.”

Watch the clip of Reg on BBC iPlayer. It’s just after 21 minutes into the show