Farming ladies in Shropshire are not happy. TV’s Antiques Roadshow presenter Rupert Maas has caused a stir by referring to a phenomona called “Shropshire ankle”.

Discussing a painting, he described the young girl in the piece as having one – meaning it was thick set.

He later suggested that the expression may have arisen from Shropshire’s rural landscape and its contribution to the female form.

With it being a rural, hilly county he suggested a lot of the female inhabitants in previous generations – many of whom would have been farmers wives – would have worn flat, firm footwear and boots which could have led to thick-set ankles.

His comments have provoked a torrent of angry responses, many of whom have stressed their trim-ankled credentials. So, if you’re a farming lady and think the art expert is talking rubbish, send us a photo of your ankle and we’ll forward some of them to him to prove him wrong!

Email them to (feel free to send them anonomously if you don’t want to supply your name).