An Open Farm Sunday talk

Linking Environment And Farming (Leaf) has launched its campaign to get more farmers involved in next year’s Open Farm Sunday.

The organisation is urging farmers to take part on 5 June and has announced the 2016 theme will be “Discover the World of Farming” to reflect the industry’s huge diversity.

It hopes this theme will enable a wider variety of farmers to take part, meaning numbers will top 2015, when nearly 400 farms welcomed more than 250,000 visitors.

It is also hoped that a new-look website planned for January, the publication of mini case studies and videos, plus encouraging farmers to harness the power of social media, will boost numbers.

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Leaf is also working with the Biotechnology and Biological Research Council to create new resources for farmers to help inspire their visitors about the science and technology behind agriculture.

“Open Farm Sunday is the industry’s annual open day showcasing all types of farming,” says manager Annabel Shackleton.

“Historically, it has focused on the story of food production, but British farmers are responsible for so much more.

“Whether they are producing nutritious food, fuel, or crops for medicine, clothing and manufacturing, we want to reach out to all farmers to share their story.

“The day is a great opportunity to show the public why farming is so important and to help build trust and understanding.

“Whether farmers choose to hold a simple farm walk or a much bigger event, Open Farm Sunday is their chance to explain to the public what farming is all about and why it matters.”

Leaf is calling on those hosting events to “Share Your Story” – everything from how crops are grown and animals are cared for, to how they manage the countryside.

To get involved, register an event from 1 December 2015. All host farmers receive a range of free resources and support.