Plans for a new 250,000 chicken broiler unit in Shropshire have finally been rejected by an appeals planning inspector.

The plans for the five separate buildings at Foxholes Farm Buildings, Little Ness, near Oswestry, had drawn significant protests  from local  residents concerned  over potential harm to  the environment. There  were also worries  about the  increased  flow of traffic.

As a result of the protests, Shropshire County Council turned down the original application in 2010, despite assurances that the site  would be landscaped and that traffic  flow would be regulated.

The developers also said that  the new unit would  create new jobs and would help to ensure a home-produced supply of broilers  at a  time when  imports  are increasing.

Following the rejection, farmer Guy Davies launched the appeal which  has now also been  turned down.

Planning inspector Gyllian Grindey said in her judgement: “I conclude that there would be a detrimental effect from the proposal on living conditions of nearby residents.

“The scheme would be out of character with the village and the small-scale nature of the countryside hereabouts and would harm the visual qualities that are clearly cherished by many.”