Farmers Weekly asked Andrew Meredith from Radnorshire to keep a diary of his trip to the Young Farmers AGM and convention which ran in Torquay from April 27-29. Here are the 23-year-old’s highlights


12.30pm: Finish feeding sheep in the pouring rain. Misery from two weeks of wet weather only exacerbated by seeing lots of people posting on Facebook about already being en route to Torquay.


8am: Depart from Radnorshire – driven by Llanbadarn Fynydd’s madam chairman Mrs Rebecca Hughes, no less!

12.30pm: Arrive in the Bancourt Hotel. Bar already crowded. Radnor members obviously feeling little effect from any late night.

1.30pm: Head to Pizza Hut for lunch. Bump into a distressing large number of people who only know me as a pantomime dame. Club shirts everywhere. We must have outnumbered the locals by a ratio of 3 to 1 minimum.

3pm: Make our first trip to the Riviera Centre to watch dance competition. Penybont do us proud representing Radnor. Gloucester have the loudest support though – I’m stood next to them. Unfortunately.

5pm: Back to the hotel to relax before the evening. All the staff are excellent, thanks for having us – and a special mention to Storm Winterfrost. You are officially the oddest-named barman we have ever met and it isn’t a wind up either; he shows us his passport.

11pm: Leave a small rowdy hotel bar to arrive at a large rowdy conference centre. Everything from smurfs to Super Marios in attendance. Dom and Aled from the Radio 1 breakfast show are great fun. Seems odd to see them in the flesh, though, after all the years of just hearing them through the one working speaker on a MF362.


9am: Getting up for breakfast is a big ask – but it’s gotta be done.

1pm: Into town centre for lunch and then on to the Princess Theatre for the pantomime competition final. Missed the first performance from Golden Valley, but saw excellent ones from Builth Wells doing “Snow White – the Sequel” and Whitley Chapel’s adaptation of George and the Dragon. Well done, Builth, for taking first place. I have never seen so many outstanding individual performances in one pantomine and they rightly deserve the lengthy standing ovation they got. Whitley Chapel do deserve a special mention for their villain though – so sinister that several children in the audience are reduced to tears.

7pm: To Wetherspoon’s to meet up with the rest of the Radnor clan. Notable for two things. It’s the first time I’ve ever had to queue to get into one and then the first time I’ve ever had to pay for the privilege. If the agricultural industry can come up with a way to earn as much per minute as they must have been that afternoon and evening, then we’ll be sorted.

11pm: Share a taxi up to the Riviera with members of Dorset YFC. Nice to make your acquaintance. And to the girl who swapped shirts with me for a Shropshire one (she was actually from Yorkshire), you clearly decided blue was your colour not pink. Not sure I came off better in that exchange.


11am: Wave the bus off and then go to catch the train. Should arrive home by six. Keeping my fingers crossed there are no hold-ups as it’s City v United this evening

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