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FW Academy: Learn, refresh & test

Use the Farmers Weekly Academy to learn, refresh or test yourself on a range of practical arable topics and in some cases earn BASIS, Facts or NRoSO points

A-Z of Farmers Weekly Academies


Basis Points
= 2 BASIS points
Facts Points
= 2 FACTS points
NRoSo Points
= 2 NRoSO points

= Video available

About CPD points

If you are BASIS or NRoSO registered you can collect valuable cpd points from most of the arable related academies. You will need to get all the answers correct [100%] when taking the test to gain cpd points for either NRoSO, BASIS or FACTS

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RAGT Seeds is the UK arm of one of Europe’s leading seeds businesses and has invested heavily in R&D to underpin its understanding of plant genetics. It is this investment which has contributed to an exciting pipeline of new varieties. The company strives to advance crop yields and grain quality and to produce varieties with improved and durable disease resistance, to meet the challenges faced by growers.