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Open Farm Sunday 2010

This year’s Open Farm Sunday is poised to be one of the most successful in the event's five year history, with scores of hosts reporting record numbers of visitors.

You can see pictures of the day, or upload your own, on our dedicated Open Farm Sunday picture gallery.

A spread of the best will appear in the 18 June issue of Farmers Weekly, so the sooner you can get them to us, the more likely they will be to feature.

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You don't need to resize your photos before you submit them, and they can capture any aspect of your day - crowds, kids, animals, live demonstrations or just general fun on the farm.


Open Farm Sunday is the industry's great promotional event - its annual open day and a chance to show the general public the story behind their food and how the countryside is cared for.

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Online workshop for Open Farm Sunday

Farmers interested in opening their farm on Open Farm Sunday (13 June) are being urged to take part in an online workshop offered by Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF).

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How to get involved

In less than five years, one annual event has grown to dwarf many others that are well established in the farming calendar. Since 2006 Open Farm Sunday has seen almost 1000 farms open their gates and welcome 500,000 visitors.

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find out more

Go to the Open Farm Sunday website to register, to order resources, for the online workshop and for more information. You can also find out which farms plan to host an event.

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