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Autumn rat control essentials for poultry units


Poultry World gets advice from Alan Buckle of the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use and Nick Pridden of SNP Pest Control


At this time of year on poultry units, it makes good sense to reinforce defences against the annual migration of rats to farm buildings.


However, effective defences involve more than just distributing rodenticides around the unit, and owners and managers should be aware that misuse could put them at risk of prosecution.


In particular, the CRRU advises that rodenticides should be used as a time-limited rather than long-term treatment.


A control programme should have a start, middle and end, according to Dr Buckle. “It may take as few as 14 days and usually no more than five weeks to clear a rat colony, depending on the severity of infestation,” he says.


“Rodenticide products must be used strictly according to the label, alongside non-rodenticide measures including prevention of access to food sources and elimination of refuge sites. Clearly, improper use of rodenticides also puts children, staff and pets at serious risk.”


In the event of suspected improper use of rodenticides, the Health & Safety Executive and local authorities may investigate such incidents and, where appropriate, take enforcement action.


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