Strong demand from Northumberland across to Cornwall, Essex and Powys met smaller numbers to buoy averages at the South Devon autumn sale at Cirencester on Monday (9 October).

A wide range of bidders competed for a smaller yarding of cattle on the year, which saw bulls average £3,255 and made show heifers £171 dearer at £1,956.

Trade topped with a heterozygous polled bull from N and N Holt-Martyn, Tavistock, Devon, which was knocked down to AR Lee, Alnwick, Northumberland. Z Crowndale Dylan Galileo has bloodlines including Torr Down, Waddeton, Colcharton and Crowndale.

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Crowndale Dylan Galileo

Trade was topped by a Holt-Martyn sire, Z Crowndale Dylan Galileo

Next at 3,200gns was North View Alfie at 3,200gns and Kestel Nimrod 3 at 3,00gns. They are from the herd of Mr RK Rundle, Newquay, Cornwall, and was sold to Skreens Park Farm, Chelmsford, Essex.

North View Alfie

North View Alfie made 3,200gns for RK Rundle, Newquay

Females hit 2,600gns

Topping the female ring at 2,600gns was Welland Valley Claudia 14, which also headed east to Skreens Park Farm, Essex.

Next at 2,100gns was Mr Rundle’s AI Kestle Buttercup 138, which was knocked down to WH Sandford, Shrewsbury.


Welland Valley Claudia sold for 2,600gns

Averages: 4 bulls, £3,255(+£254); 5 haltered in-calf heifers, £2,153 (+£141); 4 haltered yearling heifers, £1,956 (+£171). Non-haltered heifers averaged £1,426 (Kivells)