Beef Shorthorn females were in demand last week when they went under the hammer at Skipton and Chelford.

At Skipton the day was dominated entries from the noted Upsall herd of Gerald Turton, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, who took many of the day’s top bids, including the highest price lot at 4,400gns.

Sale leader was the first prize winning Nonpareil of Upsall (TI +20 SRI +16) This 18 month old roan heifer by Fortress of Upsall was secured by New York Farm, North Rigton, North Yorkshire.

He went on to secure a total of 11 lots including Gem X999 of Upsall (TI +20 SRI +23), an 18 month old Eurosceptic of Upsall sired roan heifer at 2,500gns from the same breeder.

The Upsall herd also secured 3,900gns for the reserve female champion Clipper X968 of Upsall (TI +20 SRI +17), a Dingo of Upsall sired roan 22 month old heifer that went home with R J Baudains, Nunnington, North Yorkshire.

Reserve female champion, Clipper X968 of Upsall made 3,900gns

Reserve female champion, Clipper X968 of Upsall made 3,900gns

The same buyer invested a further 2,700gns in Clipper X997 of Upsall (TI +16 SRI +14), a red 18 month old Dingo sired heifer. This was followed by a call of 2,400gns from the same buyer for Ury Maid X998 of Upsall (TI +11 SRI +12) for a Democrat of Upsall sired red 18 month old heifer.
The Upsall herd made 3,100gns for Clipper X980 of Upsall (TI +17 SRI+17), a red and white heifer by Belmore Patriach. She sold to S Davies, Mortimer, Berkshire.

Back with Upsall breeding and a call of 3,000gns from J Stewart and Partners, Peebles, Scottish Borders, secured Victoria X1014 of Upsall (TI +19 SRI +21), a roan 17 month old heifer by Frigate of Upsall. The same buyer also bid 2,500gns for Highlee Duchess Heidi (TI +5 SRI +6), a dark roan 22 month old heifer by the 4,200gns Podehole Elite from T Severn, Barkisland, West Yorkshire.

Also selling for 3,000gns was Podehole Phantasy Heidi (TI +24 SRI +23) from H Horrell, Thorney, Cambridgeshire. This 22 month old roan heifer by the 10,000gns Chapelton Clansman went home with M Kelly, Rathvilly, Ireland.

Mr Horrell took 2,900gns for his female champion Podehole Gypsy Harebell (TI +13 SRI +11), a roan 20 month old heifer also by Clansman. This one was secured by I and S Clough, Pickering, North Yorkshire.

New York Farm’s were in the bidding spirit at Skipton paying 2,600gns for Westmoor Yasmin Heather (TI +18 SRI +16), an 18 month old roan heifer sired by the 6,000gns Alvie Bovill from R Paisley, Ilkley, West Yorkshire. He also took 2,600gns from the same buyer for Westmoor Lancaster Harriet (TI +20 SRI +13), an 18 month old white heifer by Glenariff Dakota.

Sticking with Westmoor breeding, New York Farm invested a further 2,600gns in Westmoor Joyful Honeydew (TI +28 SRI +26), a 19 month old roan heifer by Alvie Bovill.


At Chelford female trade reached 2,700gns for the day’s female champion Sannan Heather May, a May 2014 born heifer from the Sannan Herd of Tudor Williams, Denbighshire. This one sold to J Burton, Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

Sannan Heather May made 2,700gns

Sannan Heather May made 2,700gns

Another similarly bred heifer, Sannon Duchess 6th, again by Ryden Earl and out of another Amos daughter, Sannan Duchess 4th, made 2,000gns to M Moss, Harefield, Middlesex.

The Williams family also put forward the top priced cow and calf outfit. Sannan Duchess 4th, dam of the 2000 gns heifer above, sold with her March born bull calf by Ryden Earl, and due to Earl again in Spring 2016, made 2,450gns to Messrs Jones and Burns, Ruthin, Denbighshire.

Averages: Skipton: Five two year old heifers, £1,890; 49 maiden heifers, £1,948; one heifer calf, £1,260; one cow, £1,575. Chelford: Cows and calves, £2,082.50; Served cows, £1350; served heifers, £1,863.75; Maiden heifers, £1,380