Euratainer 4LM

Livestock farmers could reduce the frequency of carcass collections by cooling fallen stock to slow the rate of decomposition.

That’s according to AgriVentures-UK, importer of the Dutch-made Euratainer carcass cooler range for the UK and Ireland. The company says there is the potential to save money by reducing the number of collections of dead stock.

“Clearly, it’s not ideal to have decomposing animal carcasses on the farm for too long as they can attract flies and rodents, and be a reservoir of disease, so regular collections from the animal disposal companies are required,” it says.

“But, if the casualties can be cooled and kept for longer, reducing the frequency of collection, there could be the potential to save money.”

Dealing with fallen stock is particularly difficult in the summer, when higher temperatures accelerate decomposition.

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This is a particular problem for pig and poultry farmers, who typically deal with a larger number of animals and therefore more mortalities.

But with coolers, which are widely used in mainland Europe, carcasses and waste for disposal can be stored for weeks, says AgriVentures-UK.

Euratainer coolers – which range from £1,900 plus VAT for the smaller Euratainer 1 to £3,250 plus VAT for the larger Euratainer 4LM (pictured) – cool carcasses to about 6C. This temperature is maintained, bringing decomposition “to a virtual standstill”.

This reduces odour, enhances biosecurity and improves working conditions for farm workers, AgriVentures-UK says.