From next summer livestock farmers may be relying less on imports for feed, as a consistent supply of co-product feed is set to hit the market.

The Vivergo Bioethanol Plant situated in Hull and which is 90% complete, is set to produce more than 500,000t of animal feed. Of that, 390,000t of distillers dried grain with solubles will be produced, which can be fed to dairy cows at a rate of 4kg/day or 2kg/day to beef with a dry matter of 92%. This is comparable to a mid protein feed such as rape meal, said AB Agri marketing manager, Netta de la Cour. AB Agri is a partner of the Vivergo group.

“Sheep will also be an additional market, as before, with some co-products, there were issues with copper from the distilleries, but this is not an issue at Vivergo.”

About 130,000t of moist feed and 30,000t of distillers syrup will also be produced, although that won’t travel as far as the dried grain, she added.