An entry of 713 prime lambs and 913 cull sheep met firm trade at Knighton Market last Thursday (11 September).

Lamb trade averaged 152.12p/kg with buyers still wanting well-meated lambs.  Trade topped at 164p/kg for 47.5kg Texel cross lambs, to £78 a head. This was also top price a head from J J Owens and Son, Gumma.  Also to 162p/kg were 48kg Texel cross lambs (£77.80 a head) from Price Bros, Garbett Hall.  Other top prices included £76.80 a head for 50kg Texel cross lambs from H and J Lewis, Neaudd.  G E Lloyd and Son’s 50kg Texel cross lambs from Middle Cwmheyope  reached £74.50 a head.

A large ewe entry saw a lot of half-meated ewes.  Trade averaged £48.01 a head selling to £100.50 a head for Texel cross ewes from J M Jones and Sons, Bylchau.  Also to £96 a head for Suffolk cross ewes from E G Jones and Son, Llanfair Hall.  Mule ewes also to £78.50 a head from J E Griffiths, Menutton.  Mule ewes from T & M Lewis, The Lands, sold to £77.50 a head.  Speckled ewes sold to £54.50 a head from J T Williams and Son, White Anthony.  Also to £53.50 a head for Speckled ewes from T A Swancott and Son, The Lawn.  Welsh ewes from J K & E G Jones & Sons, Whitton Court, sold to £46 a head.