clamping silage in a pit© Tim Scrivener

Farmers are being offered a free silage analysis at this year’s UK Dairy Day to help them maximise their use of forage this winter.

Trouw Nutrition is offering free near-infrared spectrometry (NIRS) silage analysis and rationing advice to farmers who bring a silage sample to their stand at the one-day event in Telford, Shropshire, on 14 September.

The company says silage analysis offers farmers a greater understanding of how forage is fermented in the rumen and digested in the intestine, and allows for the formulation of cost-effective diets.

Better use of forages

John Allen, technical director at Trouw Nutrition, says the company hopes its offer will help dairy farmers improve forage use and ration efficiency.

“Regular, detailed silage analysis has been the foundation of accurate rationing for many years,” says Dr Allen.

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“As our understanding of forages and how they are digested in the rumen has improved, so the information on analysis reports has evolved, allowing farmers to make use of the latest research to improve productivity. We are now at the next stage in this evolution.”

The company has also produced a guide for farmers that will be available on its stand at the UK Dairy Day, to help farmers make best use of their silage this winter.

“Maximising the use of forage this winter will be crucial. To do this, farmers and their nutritionists need regular laboratory analysis of silages with a complete nutrient breakdown for accurate rationing,” Dr Allen adds.