An entry of 1,521 sheep were forward at Kirkby Stephen Mart on Tuesday, consisting of 1,242 prime hoggs and 279 cast ewes and rams.

Topping the sale at £80 were a pen of Beltex crosses from Mr J Buckle, Buckles Farm and purchased by Vivers Scotlamb.  

All classes of hoggs were noticeable dearer, with the overall average being 9p/kg up on the week and a keen ringside of buyers could have managed more sheep with ease


Prime Lambs

Price a Head

Beltex: £80, £71.30, £70.80 Buckles Farm; £78.80 Thorney Gale; £71.80 Roseleigh; £71.80 Stoneygarth; £71.30 Breaks Hall

Texel: £73.30 The Old Mistle; £69.80, £66.30 Croglin Low Hall; £69.80 Littlebeck Farm; £69.30 Ghyll Bank; £67.80, £65.30 Greystone House; £66.80 Lady Ing; £66.80, £65.80, £65.30 Briggle Farm; £66.30 Hawkrigg Farm; £65.80 Sawbridge Hall; £65.80, £65.30 Ingledene; £65.80 Wharton Hall; £65.30 Town Foot; £65.30 White House

Suffolk: £64.30 Sawbridge Hall; £60.30 Ghyll Bank; £60 White House

Charollais: £61.30 Hawkrigg Farm

Bluefaced Leicester: £61 Croft House Farm

Mule £60.30 Studfold Farm; £58.30 Bents Farm

Cheviot: £60.30 Wharton Hall

Swaledale: £54.80 Croft House Farm; £54 Town Foot; £53.30 Glebelands

Blackface: £54 Knock Hall

Price a Kilo

Beltex: 199.4p, 195.3p, 190.5p Buckles Farm; 187.6p Thorney Gale; 179.5p Roseleigh; 177.2p Friendship Farm; 171.8p Breaks Hall; 171.1p Ghyll Bank

Texel: 194.2p The Old Mistle; 164.5p Wharton Hall; 161.4p Greystone House; 161p Briggle Farm

Cheviot: 147.1p Wharton Hall

Blackface: 140.3p Knock Hall

Swaledale: 134.6p Knock Hall; 133.3p, 126.5p Glebelands; 130.5p Croft House Farm; 128.6p Town Foot; 127.2p East Rackwood Hill Farm; 126.5p High Stennerskeugh

Mule: 130p Bents Farm; 128.3p Holme Farm; 128p Thorney Gale

Cast Ewes and Rams

Texel: £95.50, £78.50, £77.50, £73.50 Staingills; £86.50 Claylands Farm; £70.50 Little Close; £65.50 Elmgill

Bluefaced Leicester: £65.50 Burton Hill

Suffolk: £60 Holme Farm

Masham: £58.50 Staingills

Swaledale:  £50.50, £30 High Stennerskeugh; £39.50 Bents Farm; £30 Carpool Farm