A new medicated feed mix could be the solution to controlling external and internal pig parasites.

Ecomectin 0.6% Pig Premix is a generic ivermectin product which can be used as part of farmer’s routine parasite control. Results show Ecomectin is absorbed to the same level as the pioneer ivermectin premix and should produce the same results as the pioneer product.

Used as a standard five-weekly growing pig treatment, Ecomectin 0.6% Pig Premix will control roundworm, lung worm, lice and manage infections at the nursery/grower phase, resulting in external parasite free pigs at finishing.

The products can also be used as a pre-farrowing treatment for sows and as part of a strategic programme to eradicate external parasites and an increasing choice of wormers will also help the fight against resistance, says Eco Animal Health’s Oliver Duran.

“Resistance management is an important issue and we strongly recommend the rotation of wormers, to preserve the effectiveness of the existing products and to avoid the over use of one class of wormer.”