An excellent entry of 634 store and breeding cattle went under the hammer at Leek Auction Mart on Saturday, with the top price of £1,480 paid for a Simmental heiger with Limousin bull calf at foot from E J Beech of Cellarhead.

Other leading prices on the day included £1,210 paid for a Longhorn cow with bull calf at foot from Hartwood Farming.

In-calf cows topped at £,1180 for a Charolais from Sam Clowes of Endon who also achieved £1,130 for a Limousin cow. While in-calf heifers from Ms Ann Beech of Milton achieved up to £1,070 for the first of three Limousins.

Stock bulls topped at £1,260 for a Limousin from K Ede and Son of Tean, and £1,205 for a Simmental from J Fairfax.

Young bulls achieved up to £960 for a bunch of three Limousins from Jonathan Stretton who sold another pair for £950 of a similar age.

Meanwhile 12 months old Blonde d’Aquitaine bulls from Paul Mees sold for up to £830. And Herefords from A Sutton of Ipstones achieved up to £825 for a 9 months old bull with others of a similar age at £795.

An Aberdeen Angus bull from John Pegg realised £750 at 11 months, while British Blue bulls sold for up to £690 for a 10 months old from John Lockett.

The overall average for bulls was £581.

When the steers went under the hammer, there was a “very sharp trade” especially for smaller sorts; the top price of £1,370 was paid for a May 2010 Charolais from Miss S Roberts of Bosley. And other Charolais from the same vendor achieved up to £1,200 and £1,170 for similar aged cattle.

Limousin steers born in September 2010 from W T Mardling & Son of Stone topped at £1,230, with Mr Campbell of Whiston realising £1,155 and Mick Beech achieving £1,140 for a pair born in July 2010.

21 months old British Blue steers from L Mellor and Son of Blithbury realised up to £1,205,while a December 2010 born one from Geoff Goodwin of Wetley Rocks realised £,1080.

A & N Swinson of Gawsworth topped the Aberdeen Angus section with a 23 months old named sire beast realising £,1150. They also sold Hereford steers up to £1,100 at 23 months old.

Blonde d’Aquitaine steers from L Mellor and Son achieved up to £1,070 at 22 months. While Simmental steers from George Bailey of Rushton achieved up to £990.

A bunch of younger Charolais steers from R Hall of Poynton sold at £875.

And black and white steers were again in strong demand with the top price being £965 with others at £905.

The overall average for steers was £816.

Heifers achieved a top price of £1,175 for a December 2009 Charolais beast from John Pegg with other Charolais achieving up to £1,040 from Miss S Roberts of Bosley.

A bunch of strong 24 month old Belgian Blue heifers from J T Bunting and Co of Thorpe sold for £1,130, and a pair of excellent shaped Belgians from Stuart Talbot of Gratwich, aged 18 months old, sold for £1,015.

Meanwhile 24 months old Limousin heifers from Robert Platts of Scropton achieved £1,070, and a bunch of four Limousins from J T Bunting and Co, again 24 months old, sold for £1,030.

Younger British Blue heifers from J Goldstraw achieved £980.

Two year old Hereford heifers from A & N Swinson of Gawsworth exchanged hands for £880.

The overall average for heifers was £73