SOUTH DEVON cattle breeders stole some of the June sunshine at another dazzling Royal Cornwall Show, as their 85 strong entries overwhelmed the opposition.

Always a force at the show, the South Devons were on world class form this year as the Royal Cornwall formed the launch pad to the South Devon World Association’s sixth World Congress.


Other breeds could only lurk in the shadows as Keith and Margaret Plain’s six-year-old South Devon cow, Foxhole Martha took top honours. Martha was described as strong, but still feminine by Australian championship judge John Harvey.


cornwall showe beef champ

Marvellous Martha…. Foxhole Martha from Keith and Margaret Plain took top honours in the beef lines


Homebred Martha is definitely a working mum and one of her sons, Foxhole Menzies, is currently being used as a premium bull in the Blade Farming and Somerfield Stores dairy-beef scheme. The Plain’s first time Cornish success was mirrored in the sheep lines, as newcomer to the show Gerald Burrough from Dunkeswell, Devon, found out.


The Charollais exhibitor found him self locked in a head to head tussle with fellow Devonian and show regular Bill Quicke’s Texels from Crediton throughout the day. But in a hair’s breadth decision judge Pete Dixon-Smith put Mr Burrough’s shearling ewe Sheldon Lana, sired by Knighton Bobbie, ahead in the interbreed championship.



cornwall show sheep

Sheep Champ was this Charollais shearling ewe from Gerald Burroughs’ Dunkeswell-based flock.


“They were two tremendous animals, but the Charolais ewe just had it behind the shoulder over my animal,” said Mr Quicke, who beat Mr Burrough in the interbreed pairs competition.


Beaming with pride and showing for the second year running that Cornwall dairying is not an all black and white affair, local Ayrshire breeder Colin Christophers, from St Allen, Truro led his fourth lactation cow Rosehill Black Velour to pip the Miller family’s Holstein cow Moorshard Integrity Fran to the title.


Last year the Jersey of Michael Colwell, who like Mr Christophers, is another Cornwall County Council dairy farmer eclipsed an up country Holstein to take the dairy supreme.


cornish dairy champ

Dairy dream….Ayrshire leader Rosehill Black Velour stood top in the dairy classes for Colin Christophers.


The cow was sired by one of Mr Christophers own bulls and she achieved 10,600 litres in her last lactation at 3.49% Fat and 3.42% protein among a herd of 106 on the 80-acre farm.


In the pig section judging is always difficult and this year saw gilts take more wins overall, but the six-year-old Tamworth sow, Toller Lucky Lass 26 from The Marquis of Salisbury, Wimborne, show the young ones how it’s done, taking the supreme championship.



Interbreed W R C and J E Christophers’ Ayrshire cow Rosehill Black Velour; res, R K and S G Miller and Sons’ Holstein cow Moorshard Integrity Fran.

Production and Inspection R J and E E Laity and Son’s Holstein cow Scalesfarm Lindy Dewbury; res, T R, G R and R J Hugo Holstein cow Rockset Leader Rachel.

Jersey J Colwell and Son’s cow Quintrell PJSM Ultramarine; res, J Colwell and Sons’ cow Poyer Masters Faith.

Guernsey D W, R J and J R Warren’s cow Laity Farm Primrose 97; res, D W, R J and J R Warren’s cow Laity Farm Primrose 96.

Holstein R K and S G Miller and Sons’ cow Moorshard Integrity Fran; res, C B Cooper Partnership’s cow Noremead Progress Lys.

Ayrshire W R C and J E Christophers’ cow Rosehill Black Velour; res, C Weaver’s cow Tregays Rosie 43.

AOB J Rowe’s Dairy Shorthorn cow Cargenwen Little Jane 7; res, J Rowe’s Dairy Shorthorn Cargwenwen Filpail.



Interbreed K and M Plain’s South Devon cow Foxhole Martha; res, Boddington Estates’ British Simmental heifer Sterling Dolore’s Petra.

Devon Stonegrove Livestock’s bull Stonegrove Fearless; res, Stonegrove Livestock’s heifer Stonegrove Norie 4.

South Devon K and M Plain’s cow Foxhole Martha; res, H Tully and Sons’ bull Plympton Roland 6.

Hereford F J Hawke’s bull Aultoun Tital; res, R A Mitchell’s cow Butcombe Jewell S11.

Aberdeen Angus C and J Hutchings’ heifer Kingsbrompton Miss Ethel; res, A D Robbins’ bull Woodington Proud Gangster.

Dexter F and L Pooley, Truro, cow Moomin Lizzy; res, B Stamp and M Amil’s bull Orchmar Dormouse.

Belted Galloway J Smith’s bull Whitepool Warlord; res, J Strachey’s cow Southfield Sabrina.

Beef Shorthorn B Hackling’s cow Redhill Z Crocus; res, K Oliver’s heifer Waterloo’s Wendy.

British Charolais H Vooght’s heifer Little Bovey USA; res, H Vooght’s cow Bassingbourne Riva.

British Limousin A White’s bull Bowers Sam; res, G Hollow’s cow Brockhurst Phoebe.

British Simmental Boddington Estates’ heifer Sterling Dolore’s Petra; res, D Mills cow Wishful Lavender.

British Belgian Blue E C Haste’s cow Tamhorn Ulalla; res, E C Haste’s bull Valco VT Goed Ter Walle.

Commercial Cattle C and J Hutchings’ Limousin cross steer Fernando; res, M Alford’s Limousin X Charolais steer Real Macoy.



Interbreed G F Burrough’s Charollais shearling ewe; res, E W Quicke and Sons’ Texel ewe.

Interbreed Pair E W Quicke and Sons’ Texels; res G F Burrough’s Charollais.

Interbreed Ram Lamb G F Burrough’s Charollais; res, Marshall Farms, Texel.

Bleu du Maine M Vile’s shearling ewe; res, M Vile’s ram.

Charollais G F Burrough’s shearling ewe; res, M Welsh’s shearling ram.

Devon and Cornwall Longwool J A Darke’s shearling ewe; res, D and J L Wonnacott’s shearing ram.

Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset W L and E Sandercock’s ram; res, W L and E Sandercock’s ewe lamb.

Greyface Dartmoor M Osborne’s ram; res, V Pratt’s shearling ewe.

Hampshire Down C J Westlake’s ram lamb; res, H C Derryman and Sons’ shearling ram.

Jacob A Milner’s shearling ewe; res, I Coates’ ram.

Lleyn S Sayers’ ewe; res, J M and G C Adams’ ram.

Roussin R Molyneux’s ram; res, A J Carter’s ewe.

Scottish Blackface I G Mortimore and Son’s ram; res, P Cornelius’s ewe with ewe lamb.

Suffolk C Irwin’s ram; res, R Irwin’s shearling ewe.

Texel E W Quick and Sons’ aged ewe; res, E W Quick and Sons’ shearling ram.

Vendeen C J and L Vernon Miller’s ewe; res, R J and B K Cross’s ram.

Border Leicester S D Martyn’s ewe; res, S D Martyn’s ram.

AOB British H Braddick’s Bluefaced Leicester shearling ram; res, P Humphries Dorset Down ewe.

AOB Continental Marshall Farms’ Beltex ewe; res, Messrs Sully’s Zwartbles ewe.

Commercial Sheep J A Darke’s, Longwool x Texel ewe; res, S Chambers’ pen of two Texel shearling ewes.

Rare and Minority R P Wear and D Lewis’s Ryeland ram; res R D D Huxter’s Shetland ewe.



Interbreed The Marquis of Salisbury’s Tamworth sow Toller Lucky Lass 26; res, N L G Hunkin’s Landrace sow Shutevale Princess 35.

Pig of Year Heat The Burnett family’s Welsh gilt Bys Vyken Lioness; res, J Collings’ gilt Liskeard Sunshine 500.

Saddleback A Gready’s gilt Hayetesbury Bell; res, Thomas and Edwards boar Pantysgawen Stockbroker 2.

Gloucestershire Old Spot W A E J and C A Uglow’s gilt Endsleigh Princess 2245; res, W A E J and C A Uglow’s boar Endsleigh Rufus 2217.

Large Black P G Snell and Sons’ gilt Sock Bess 48; res, M V and B J Card’s boar Westerly Maid 346.

Middle White O Hicks’ gilt Zelah Carnation 7; res, M V and B J Card’s sow Westham Fairy Lady.

Tamworth The Marquis of Salisbury’s sow Toller Lucky Lass 26; res, M V and B J Card’s gilt Cranbrook Ruby 95.

Berkshire W A, E J and C A Uglow’s gilt Endsleigh Farewell 373; res, S Fildes’ boar Dittisham Nama Able.

Landrace  N L G Hunkin’s sow Shutevale Princess 35; res, N L G Hunkin’s gilt Shutevale Inga 54.

Large White Messrs Packer and Rowe’s sow Trepraze Beautiful 136; res, WA E J and C A Uglow’s boar Trepraze Danny 2.

Welsh W A, E J and C A Uglow’s gilt Edgcumbe Lioness 2237; res, The Burnett family’s gilt Bys Vyken Lioness.

Duroc A P and P C Rose’s boar Maddaford Rossi 4; res, A P and P C Rose’s gilt Maddaford Hover.

British Lop J Collings’ gilt Liskeard Sunshine 500; res, T Osborne’s gilt Oak Brae Sunshine 7.