Lot 161 Dinar Estate Managements’ Fordel Eiger L474 by Fordel Jordan Eric G160 and out of Fordel Empress D580 sells for 3,500gns

Lot 163 Mr and Mrs D Evans’ Tree Bridge Plumpton L319 by Chapelton Dark Mahmoud E826 and out of The Moss Pertanna E546 sells for 7,000gns

Lot 166 Messrs G and A McFadsean’s Cherrybank Esquire L237 by The Moss Ethelweald H766 and out of Cherrybank Edwina F124 sells for 3,500gns

Lot 167 Alexander J Norrie ESQs’ Wrae Proud Ignitor L192 by Lorabar Rob Roy G245 and out of Wrae Proud Iona G110 goes unsold at 1,800gns