Female Beef Shorthorns hit 5,200gns at Worcester Livestock Market last weekend (24 September) with six cow and calf outfits averaging £2,257.50.

Leading trade was female and overall champion Podehole Gypsy Jazz (TI +18, SRI +14) from H Horrell, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

Out of home-bred Podehole Gypsy Dancer and sired by Millerston Fine Ideal, the March 2015-born roan maiden heifer sold to A and C Farms, Langham, Leicestershire.

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Following at 4,600gns was another 18-month-old roan maiden heifer from H Horrel, Podehole Phantasy Jude.

Show champion Podehole Gypsy Jazz

Show champion Podehole Gypsy Jazz from H Horrell sold for 5,200gns © Anthony Mosley

The reserve female champion, also sired by Millerston Fine Ideal but out of Podehole Phantasy Aurora, sold to G Hunt, Thirsk, North Yorkshire.

Third in the money at 3,200gns was Aylward Cora 12, an 18-month-old maiden heifer from DR Rutherford, Odiham, Hampshire.

Sired by Meonside Field Marshall and out of Nonpareil Cora of Aylward 7, she also went to A and C Farms, which took home a total of seven entries, including 19-month-old maiden heifer Meonhill Flossy Nightingale (TI +14, SRI +13) from LEP Farms, Chidden, Hampshire for 2,700gns.

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Podehole Phantasy Jude

Reserve female Podehole Phantasy Jude went for 4,600gns © Anthony Mosley

Meanwhile, at 2,850gns was Wenmar A Tessa (TI +5, SRI +1), a 17-month old in-calf roan heifer from M Moore, Tenbury Wells, Gloucestershire.

Sired by Wenmar Flagman and out of Aylward Tessa 10, she sold to J Wood, St Andrews, Fife.


Bulls topped at 2,120gns in the Longhorn ring for 17-month-old bull Fishwick Phoenix from John Close and Son, leading three bulls averaging £1,862.

This Fishwick Macavity son, out of Fishwick Firefly, went to M Horne, Overton, Hampshire.

The sale’s main feature, the dispersal of Ian Salmon’s Durham herd, topped at 2,050gns each for Durham Nigella and Durham Nasturtium.

The 2013-born twins, both offered with Charolais-cross calves at foot, went to GH Woollatt, Exmoor, Somerset.

This was the pick of four in-calf heifers levelling at £1,089.37, two bulls at £1,060.50 and 12 in-calf or calved cows at £1,432.50.

Following at 1,780gns was Colaba Felicity, a six-year old cow offered with heifer calf at foot.

She went to E Willey, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, who also took home calved heifer Durham Nemesia, also offered with a heifer calf at foot, for 1,150gns.

Averages (McCartneys)

  • Shorthorns: Six cows and calves £2,257.50; 18 served heifers £1,686.41; 29 maidens £1,580.42; one bull £2,100.
  • Longhorns: one led cow and calf £1,071; four led senior heifers £1,312.50; eight led junior heifers £1,228.50; 10 unled cows in-calf or calved £909.30; three unled senior heifers £990.50; nine unled junior heifers £533.16; one senior bull £1,102.50; three junior bulls £1,862.