FPV drone racing © Jon Super-REX Shutterstock© Jon Super-REX Shutterstock

If you are one of the hundreds of people that’s bought a drone for use on your farm, then you should probably take the time to understand the rules before sending it into the air.

The official name for drones is Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and their use is governed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Luckily, if you’re flying your drone for your own use there’s no need to have any qualifications (provided it weighs less than 20kg).

However, there are a few rules that you need to abide by. Here are the CAA’s tips for keeping out of trouble:

1. Remember that you are legally responsible for your drone when it is in the air and failure to follow the rules could result in criminal prosecution.

2. Make sure you can see the drone at all times and don’t fly higher than 400ft

3. You are responsible for avoiding collisions with other people or objects, including aircraft

4. Don’t fly in areas that could endanger people or property

5. It is illegal to fly over a congested area, such as streets, towns and cities

6. Keep well away from airports, airfields and any low-flying planes

7. Don’t fly within 50m of a person, vehicle, building or structure

8. Think about what you do with any images you obtain as you could be breaking privacy laws. More details are available from the Information Commissioners Office: www.ico.org.uk.

9. If you want to use your drone for any commercial activity you’ll need to get permission from the CAA, otherwise you could face prosecution. For details visit www.caa.co.uk/uas.