Hampshire firm APM has launched a movement-activated security floodlight that’s also a digital camera or video recorder.

The new ECT 105 camera light looks identical to a standard motion-sensitive PIR floodlight, but houses a discreet camera lens in the sensor. This can be switched between stills or video modes and is viewable from a PC or can be easily downloaded.

It has a powerful 500w halogen floodlight, so it can be used both day and night. It can also be used simply as a web camera for live recording of movements around farmyards and buildings or for checking on livestock.

In stills mode the ECT 105 stamps the time and date on to each image. It can also combine video and still shots for maximum benefit. The 3MP camera is able to record images up to 9m away at a viewing angle of approximately 65° Launch price is £95 + VAT. Details from 01794 388622 or www.apm-supplies.co.uk