A measuring device for quicker and easier checks of spray nozzle flow rates has been developed by Billericay Farm Services to help compliance with the testing requirements of the European Sustainable Use Directive (SUD).

While an annual voluntary sprayer test is currently available to growers in the UK, the SUD requires that all sprayers are tested before the end of November next year, with a further test carried out no more than five years later and every three years thereafter.

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Using a 2-litre measuring cylinder and stopwatch is not especially accurate, says BFS, whereas the Flow Check will accurately show the flow-rate at 3 bar from the eight ISO nozzle sizes – 01 to 05 – that must be tested.

The Flow Check is held in place or attached beneath a nozzle and uses a multi-orifice measuring disc adjusted to match the size of nozzle being tested to accurately show the flow rate against a scale.

BFS expects professional testers and operators with wide-boom sprayers to use several units to test a number of nozzles at a time.