We’re on the hunt for the best time-, money- or hassle-saving workshop inventions. If you’ve come up with a novel way of making your life easier on the farm then you should enter Farmers Weekly‘s Farm Inventions competition.

Many of the machines that line the aisles at Cereals or Lamma started life in a farm workshop so it’s a great opportunity to get your home-made kit in the shop window.

Entries aren’t just restricted to pristinely welded drills with snaking bundles of hydraulic hoses and brain-boggling combinations of pulleys and sprockets, though – it could be something that you knocked together in a couple of spare hours on a rainy afternoon.

As usual, the entries will be split into three categories.

  1. Simple machines – those that took less than half a day to put together.
  2. Intermediate inventions – anything more complicated, perhaps with some simple form of hydraulic or electric system, that took longer to build.
  3. Complex – anything that has taken several days (or weeks) to design and make. These often involve an engine or relatively complex set of electrics or hydraulics.

Who is eligible to enter?

Farmers, contractors, farm managers and workers are welcome.

What about patents?

If you think you may want to patent the device, put the words “patent application likely” at the top of your entry.

If you want to know more about patent protection, check out the Patent Office’s website.

What if I’ve entered my design in other competitions in the past?

Don’t worry, that won’t exclude you.

What are the prizes?

The winner of each of the three categories gets £400, while the runners-up each get £100.

Will you feature the winners?

All six winning inventions will be featured in Farmers Weekly and on FWi, so if you want a manufacturer to see what you’ve come up with, this is a good way of doing it.

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