UK machinery dealer Cleveland Crop Sprayers based in Berwickshire has taken on the equipment job for Dammann machinery, which it will sell alongside its existing Bargam sprayers.

Bargam’s current range only extends to 4,000-litre models, so shouldn’t directly compete with the increased capacity of Dammann’s lime green line-up. The German-built equipment was previously sold solely by Chantry-Dammann based in Lincolnshire.

Damman sprayer

Cleveland Crop Sprayers will sell Dammann kit (pictured) alongside its existing Bargam sprayers

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Its range of trailed and self-propelled sprayers offer tank options from 3,000-12,000-litre and booms from 24-42m. Trailed equipment is priced from £28,000-£120,000 and self-propelled machines are £220,000-£295,000.

A recent survey conducted by Cleveland Crop Sprayers revealed that about 20% of self-propelled sprayer users had a tank of 5,000-litres or bigger.