Hereford-based AW Trailers has launched a loader-mounted wheel changer to make life easier when swapping from row-crops to flotation tyres.

The device can be used to change wheels between 1.4m and 2m in size, and is built to be operated by a single person.

The nifty hydraulic mechanism means the wheel can be easily rotated and moved on to the hub with minimal effort. It can even be used in less than perfect yards and fields. 


The Weelysafe uses the loader hydraulics to grip the wheel and tyre. Two adjustable support arms go underneath and one pulls down from the top to give a firm hold.

Then a clever linkage system allows the wheel to be manually pulled back a little further than the studs. 

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Designer Philip Gorringe decided he needed to come up with a new system after having an accident while fitting row-crop wheels to his tractor.

After losing his footing, the wheel fell on top of him and he was badly hurt, leaving him needing surgery to fix his shoulder, and out of action for six months.

In response, Mr Gorringe teamed up with a local blacksmith to develop the Weelysafe, which is now being produced by AW Trailers and costs £1,900.

See a demonstration of the wheel changer in the Weelysafe video below