French company Emily started selling its Melodis auger bucket in the UK earlier in the year and says it’s attracting a lot of attention. The one on show was a 2.8cu m model, though there are models from 1cu m to a massive 4.6cu m.

It’s an all-in-one unit designed to go on the front of telescopic handler, capable of loading silage, mixing it and feeding it out.

First, a hydraulically powered rotor drum moves up and down to scuff material off the clamp face. Helpfully, the speed of the rotor is dependent on how fast the rotor is moving down. The silage is then scooped up in the bucket.

Next, a series of slow-moving paddles (also hydraulically powered and capable of going in either direction) mix the silage with any other ingredients the farmer wants to add.

Finally, the handler takes the bucket to the feed barrier, opens the hydraulically operated door (doors either side is an option) and feeds it out.

Cost of the 2.8cu m version is £13,000. That size of unit should be enough to keep a herd of 50 to 200 cows supplied without the cost of a diet feeder, says the maker.

The unit can go on the rear linkage of a tractor, but only if the top of the silage clamp is less than 3.5m from the ground. This model weighs 1.2t empty and about 3t when full.

Emily was also showing its new £10,000 handler-mounted Delta bale unroller, which can feed out silage or dispense straw over a distance of 3m to 5m. Dust production is minimal, says the company.

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