It’s a tough world out there, so you need to be alert, trained and know what you’re doing.

Here’s a bunch of people who were either unlucky, rash or stupid. Don’t let it happen to you.

Transportation trouble

This video confirms that telehandlers are yet to master the art of swimming.  Be sure to wait till the end.

Telehandler tipping

This is why you should never attempt a ‘wheelie’ in a telehandler.

How not to operate a telehandler

As the title rightly states, this is definitely not the ideal way to operate a telehandler.

Combine flips over

It’ll be fine… wont it?

Tractor road rage

An interesting display of questionable tractor driving skills.

Atlantis 1 ist versunken!

How many tractors does it take to save a Claas Lexion 560?