Andrew Gilman

Few things have changed in the world quite like the mobile phone.

From Del Boy’s prodigiously-sized portable to tiny touchscreens, there is now something for everyone.

And Farmers Weekly’s 2011 lifestyle quiz went to prove it, showing the mobile phone as the one gadget that 56% of those questioned couldn’t live without.

Clever phones have been sitting in the jacket pockets of company bigwigs since 1994, but it’s only in recent years that things have really taken off.

The driving force is applications or ‘apps’ which have changed almost unrecognisably from the days of poorly-graphiced games on outrageously sized handsets.

The average phone today boasts a camera good enough to put your standalone digital to shame, as well as media players, diaries and social networking.
We asked four converts to smartphones to tell us about their experiences of using the technology around their farms.

Read their experiences below. There is also a glossary to help you with smartphone jargon and a review of five apps for farming.

You can join in too by completing our survey on smartphones.

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