Opico He-Va 3m Combi-Disc

Separate adjustment of tine and disc working depth is a feature of the He-Va Combi-Disc cultivator from Opico.

The 3m implement has five subsoiling tines – or a row of shallower-working Easy Draft legs and points – then two rows of serrated discs and a consolidating packer roller.

This combination loosens soil at depth for good rooting and drainage and starts seed-bed preparation in one pass.

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Hydraulic adjustment means working depth of the elements can be fine-tuned on the move.

As Opico points out, the Combi-Disc is an evolution of two He-Va products – the Combi-Lift subsoiler and the Disc Roller cultivator, which continue to be available separately.

Hydraulic reset protects the subsoiling tines as they work to a maximum depth of 40cm and with generous stagger minimising power requirement.

The 510mm-diameter discs that follow cut and mix residue to a depth of 125mm, with the 700mm diameter “V” profile press roller consolidating the tilth into a weatherproof finish.

A 3m version being exhibited at Lamma weighs in at 3,600kg and is priced £19,063.