Intelligent band around someone's wrist

An innovative system for securing ATVs, tractors and other farm vehicles is being launched next month by Shropshire company Intelligent Band.

As the name suggests, it is a wristband that contains a computerised code  to personalise  the vehicle to its owner and stop thieves making off with expensive kit. The system is a bit like a car ignition lock, whereby the vehicle can only be started if two items are in close proximity.

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In this case, it is a non-powered RFID chip in the wristband and a 2.5cm diameter reader on the tractor or ATV dash. Unless the two items are within a few centimetres of each other, the vehicle won’t fire up.

“Unless the machine’s code  matches your unique band, you won’t be able to start the engine,” says James Anstis-Smith, who spent 12 years in the Royal Engineers before starting a security company that has fitted CCTV systems on more than 500 farms. ”You can’t hotwire it either.

“One single Intelligent Band system can hold the access code to a whole fleet of vehicles. So there’s no need for large sets of keys or codes,” he adds. Also, each band is serialised, so a farmer can give some workers access to more vehicles than others. And there are no batteries to replace.    

Cost is £350/vehicle, but the company says it will give a 7.5% rebate on the vehicle insurance for the first year.