Kelvin Cave Bruiser

Kelvin Cave’s latest trailed KC Bruiser 600 grain roller can deliver a throughput of traditional, flat-rolled grain for home-grown cereal blends and crimping at a rate of 7-20t/hr, depending on grain type and quality.

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Its smaller size means it can be used in confined situations which wouldn’t suit the larger and higher KC Bruiser 1250.

It also allows contractors to take the equipment into tight spaces on smaller farms.

The heavy-duty 600mm diameter flat roller is the same as on its bigger brother, is fully adjustable to produce the quality of roll and will process any type of grain.

It’s suitable for crimping grain for ensiling at 30-45% moisture as well as rolling drier grain for aerobic storage.

Magnetic protection removes ferrous metal debris and it can be equipped for grain preservative application.

Both models can be fitted with a digital weighing system, making them ideal for contractors who have to deal with unknown quantities of grain at different locations. Supplied mounted on a trailer chassis as standard, its starting price is £19,950.