KRM Bogballe TempoTracker spreader in actionGavin Hobson

Faster work rates, more accurate fertiliser distribution and reduced wastage are among the advantages claimed for the TempoTracker GPS-based technology designed to minimise spreading errors at headlands from KRM. 

It refines use of section control to minimise overlaps in fertiliser spreading operations by continuously monitoring forward speed and linking it to the tractor’s position in the field. TempoTracker automatically calculates the precise time to open and close the spreader’s shutters to prevent over- or underspreading when entering or leaving the headland area.

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Forward speed and spreader shutter position are monitored 10 times a second so that the software can calculate the optimal point to activate the section control, and there are slightly different settings for high and low speeds and application rates.

It is now standard on all KRM Bogballe weigh cell spreaders and available as a free download to existing users with the Calibrator Zurf controller.