This 10-furrow plough on the Ryetec stand at Lamma looks like a big beast that would need 300hp to pull it. But look closer and you see the plough bodies are much smaller than on a regular plough. So what is it? The answer is a shallow plough for organic users from French manufacturer Bugnot.

It’s a form of cultivation that was used a dozen years ago then fell out of favour, but is now coming back into fashion. The plough works at a depth of 10-15cm, but the smaller bodies and 11in shares mean draft is greatly reduced. Both reversible and one-way versions are available and typical forward speed is a brisk 15kph.

This 10-furrow version needs about 180hp to pull it and is said to invert stubble and vegetation without going to quite the depth of a regular plough. It also gives a workrate far higher then a regular plough. Cost varies from £10,000 for a six-furrow model to £30,000 for a 10-furrow.